Back in April, I went to Wrestlemania 30. Having never been to New Orleans, I took advantage of the time I spent there. Of the photos I took, these 4 are my favorites. New Orleans and Lockport, LA were very interesting to say the least. It was the furthest I’ve traveled by car (17 hour drive from Northern Virginia) and the mentality was very laid back. If you’ve never been on Bourbon St. Wow. It’s pretty insane and you should check it out.






Why don’t photographers…

So as an early birthday present, my fiancee got me the thing I’ve wanted the most- a wireless remote for my camera. Why was this device so important to me? Well, as a photographer, I love taking photos. You know, of people, places, things, etc. Whats missing out of that group? Self portraits. It wasn’t until recently that I started loving myself. Yes, I am a full figured woman. No, I don’t give any fucks about what people think about me. I am a work of art, so why not put me on display! A lot of photographers like to hide behind the camera. But without the photographer, whose going to take the photographs? Sometimes, photographers need to come out from behind the camera and showcase themselves. We are great at what we do, don’t be ashamed of what you look like!

PS: Happy Birthday to all you 7-11 babies out there! Here’s to getting a free Slurpee on our birthday! -Only, I can’t drink soda anymore haha



So I have been absent for almost a week due to a kidney stone. That little booger has been beating me down for the last month but I went in for emergency surgery on Wednesday to have it removed because it was blocking my ureter and kidney. As I continue my road to recovery, it’s hard to take photos. I will be back on my game in hopefully no time! Hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable Independence Day!



ME! And who I am and what I’m about!

I am an unknown freelance photographer.
A lover of nature and all things in it. (except bugs but I will shoot them too…well as long as they don’t land on me then they get smashed!)
An obsessed wrestling fan.
So much, that I have been all over the east and south United States to see event and to meet wrestlers.
I am a Vet Assistant and I am very knowledgeable about animals and disease though, I cannot give advice, only to give my thoughts on whats going on and refer you to an appropriate veterinarian.
I love photography and everything about.
My goal to carry around my camera and capture the best moments of my day.
My family is my life.
It’s in my nature to travel.
Music is a passion.
I am a Cancer (July 11) so anywhere near water is where I want to be.
I am bully breed advocate.
Enjoy looking at my work and reading more about me and my life in this crazy world!